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 It's a Sweet Month to Feed the Birds!

Spring migration is well underway, and a countless number of birds are heading north to their nesting territories.

Fortunately one of the hobby's favorite birds, hummingbirds, can be immediately attracted to feeders with nectar, making it a sweet month to feed the birds. 

Hummingbirds enjoy a nectar solution of four parts water to one part sugar. Only 5% of all avian families include nectar as an important part of their diet, making hummingbirds part of a very exclusive dining club.

It only takes between 30 to 50 minutes for nectar to be digested, so hummingbirds must eat a lot and often. In fact, hummingbirds eat about every ten minutes and can drink up to twice their body weight in nectar every day.

However, no bird's diet is made up entirely of nectar. Nectar-eaters must also include other foods, usually insects, to obtain essential amino acids and other nutrients. Hummingbirds spend more than 25% of their time foraging for arthropods, such as spiders.

Happy Birding,

Susan, Mary, Michael, Nick, Scott, Heather and Manny & Mia

Visit www.learner.org/jnorth/humm to monitor the northward migration of hummingbirds.