Welcome Back, Orioles!

One of North America’s most popular fruit-eating birds is the oriole, and we can help you attract them to your yard.

Orioles are known to enjoy orange slices, red grapes, dark berry jelly and mealworms offered from tray-style or cup feeders. Like hummingbirds, they will also drink from nectar feeders. Oriole nectar recipes vary from 1:4 to1:6 sugar to water ration Here at the store we are using a 1:4 ration which is the same we use for hummingbirds. Feel free to experiment in your yard and let us know what your Orioles prefer. In order to make your own oriole nectar, dissolve the table sugar in the warm or hot water; cool and fill the feeder. The key to attracting Orioles to your yard is BE PATIENT! Don't overfill feeder when starting out. Make sure you keep the foods fresh, replacing them every few days and be sure to keep your feeders clean, too.



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