Attract Bluebirds with our NEW Bluebird Bugberry Blend®

With a flash of blue and a cheerful song, bluebirds bring a smile every time they visit your backyard. Now you can attract them and keep them coming back by offering a blend designed especially for them. Our exclusive Bluebird Bugberry Blend® is loaded with bluebirds' favorite morsels including Bark Butter® Bits, dried mealworms, medium sunflower chips, diced peanuts, diced cranberries, raisins and a bit of calcium carbonate.
Bluebirds consume about four grams of food per day, or about 12% of their body weight. That's equivalent to a 200-pound human eating 24 pounds of food each day! Bluebird Bugberry Blend is a great source of high-energy fat, protein and calcium - plus it's no-waste and no-mess. A perfect blend to offer year-round, it comes in a convenient 3 lb. bag and can be offered in a variety of feeders like our Good Morning Bluebird Feeder, Universal Mealworm Dish, seed tube feeders or hopper feeders.

Set out the welcome mat and invite bluebirds to visit your backyard!


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