Tallahassee, Florida

12th Anniversary Event!

Thank you to all for your expressions of kindness...whether through thoughtful words on our Facebook Site, your presence at the gatherings or your loyalty to our shop and confidence in our staff...we appreciate you!

Also, congratulations to all the winners! We gave away an Eliminator, four twenty pound bags of No-Mess Blend Seed, six  WBU Easy Clean Medium Tube Feeders, six WBU High-Perch Hummingbird Feeders, an Advanced Pole System with a critter baffle, and the Vortex Crossfire Binoculars!

Last, but not least much thanks to Sandy Beck and her team from St. Francis Wildlife Association. Everyone enjoyed seeing the hawk and owl up close. Further, our appreciation to Chantal English, Certified Massage Therapist, for her expert and soothing chair massages.
Thanks again for 12 Great Years,
Susan, Mary, Michael, Nick, Mark and Lizzy...and Manny & Mia, too!