How You Can Help Your Birds After Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael has had a major effect on the habitat of birds in our area.  The recent hurricane damaged our neighborhoods and our community as well as wildlife habitats.  As we continue to recover from the aftermath of Michael, please consider taking a few steps to help our birds weather the loss of their habitats, too.

The storm’s high winds and floodwaters damaged numerous habitats and many of the natural food sources.  The storm also decimated countless trees and shrubs that birds use for food and shelter.

You can help your birds during this challenging time by providing them with much needed food, fresh water and shelter.

Continue to fill your feeders with a variety of high-energy foods such as a high-quality seed blend, suet nuggets, mealworms and jelly.

Birds need a clean source of water for drinking and bathing as storm waters may have left polluted pools as they receded.  Make sure your birds and other wildlife have access to fresh water with a birdbath.

Also, while cleaning up the yard, consider creating a brush pile for your birds to use as shelter from weather and predators.

Remember, as we all continue work to recover, having the birds returning to our backyards brings us renewal and peace.